sprited away

*Journey to Agartha

*To the Forest of Firefly Lights

*the castle of cagliostro

*castle in the sky

*ice age

*mr. Peabody and sherman

*corpse bride

*kikis delivery service

*the girl who leapt through time

*proco rosso

*princess mononoke

*daddy long leg(40 e)

*despicable me(1-2)

*tales from earth sea

*howls moving castle



*faraar az sayaareye zamin


*free bird

*max and mary



*the book of life

*the little prince

*the lorax

*the secret world of arrietty

*the princess and the frog

*wreck it ralph

*the good dinosaur

*beyond beyond

*big hero 6

*from up on poppy hill

*the wint rises

*shahzadeye room

*whisper of the heart

*nausicaa of the valley of the wind



*summer wars

*the secret of kells

This is my word
this is my way
طراح قالب : عرفـــ ـــان قدرت گرفته از بلاگ بیان